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Resep Cara membuat nasi goreng pedas

Cara membuat nasi goreng pedas dengan menggunakan bumbu yang sederhana itu mudah didapatkan, dengan menambahkan kreasi pasti akan membuat rasanya menjadi lebih nikmat dong pastinya.

Makanan yang cukup favorit bagi banyak orang ini memiliki rasa yang bisa kita variasikan. Rasa nasi goreng seafood, nasi goreng Kambing, dan berbagai kreasi dari nasi goreng yang ada di warung makan. Bagi penggemar rasa nasi goreng yang pedas, anda bisa mencoba resep ini:

Bahan-bahan yang dibutuhkan:
1 piring nasi putih yang sudah di dinginkan
2 sendok makan kecap manis, bisa di tambahkan sesuai dengan selera anda
1 batang daun bawang, lalu iris-iris tipis
2 sendok makan untuk menumis
Garam secukupnya sesuai selera

Bumbu-bumbu nasi goreng pedas yang dihaluskan:
10 buah cabai merah, ini juga bisa disesuaikan dengan selera pedas anda
5 buah cabai rawit merah
5 siung bawang merah
4 siung bawang putih
1 sendok terasi
2 butir kemiri, sangrai

Bahan pelengkap nasi goreng pedas:
1 butir telur
4 buah bakso daging sapi
1 buah paha ayam suwir-suwir
Kerupuk udang
Timun di iris-iris
Tomat di iris-iris

Cara membuat resep nasi goreng pedas:
Panaskan minyak goreng di wajan, kemudian tumis bumbu - bumbu yang sudah dihaluskan. Tumis lah bumbu ini hingga beraroma yang sedap.
Tambahkan daun bawang, bakso dan ayam yang telah disuwir-suwir dan aduk hingga rata.
Lalu tambahkan kecap manis dan aduk kembali hingga rata.
Masukkan nasi putih dan masak hingga matang.

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Resep nasi goreng pedas sudah siap disajikan deh, tambahkan kerupuk, minuman dingin agar semakin nikmat rasanya. Selamat mencoba...

Epoxy Lantai

Apa sih epoxy lantai itu.? anda bisa lihat disini.. Epoxy lantai cukup bermanfaat untuk menjaga keindahan, ketahanan lantai pada suatu sebab kerusakan pada lantai itu sendiri, banyak sekali jenis epoxy yang di formulasikan untuk berbagai industri seperti otomotif, makanan, rumah sakit selain ketahanan dan keindahan sudah pasti epoxy lantai ini juga menjaga higienis sebuah ruangan.

Bukan tanpa sebab jika ruangan yang kotor dapat menjadi sarang bagi berbagai macam sumber penyakit, maka dari itu penggunaan cat epoxy lantai ini sendiri sangat tepat pada industri makanan dan rumah sakit.

contoh lantai yang sudah menggunakan epoxy :

Untuk biaya pengecatan itu sendiri tergantung dengan kualitas yang di tawarkan oleh penyedia jasa cat atau kontraktor epoxy lantai, rekomendasi untuk kontraktor silahkan anda kunjungi : epoxy lantai

Windows 10 Technical Preview Available To Download

Windows 10 Technical Preview Available To Download: Install Guide And Big Warnings
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Yesterday Microsoft announced Windows 10, the numerically questionable successor to Windows 8. Now just twenty four hours later the ‘ Windows 10 Technical Preview’ has been produced available for download, without cost, and you'll start using it without delay .
Read on for the way to get it and several important caveats.
First the caveats. Microsoft MSFT +1.12% stresses the Technical Preview is only that: an extremely early build with the items users will delight in when Windows 10 keeps going sale in mid 2015. As such it states “Download and install the preview on condition that you”:
Want to test out software that’s still in development and like sharing your opinion about it
Don’t mind many updates or possibly a UI design which may change significantly over time
Really know on your path around a PC and feel safe troubleshooting problems, burning data, formatting a hardcore drive, installing an operating system on your own, or restoring your old one if necessary
Know what an ISO file is and the ways to use it
Aren’t setting it up on your everyday computer.

In one last warning (and also a nice show of humour) Microsoft reiterates: “We’re not kidding in regards to the expert thing. So if you think BIOS is really a new plant-based fuel, Tech Preview might not be right for you.”

Lastly ensure your computer achieves the minimum requirements:

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster

RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)

Free hard disk drive space: 16 GB

Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver

A Microsoft account and Internet access

And understand what you will and won’t must reinstall according to the version of Windows where you are upgrading:

Windows 10 upgrade information from previous versions
As for tech support team issues/questions maybe you have, a good option to head will be the Windows Technical Preview forum.

How To Install Windows 10 Technical Preview

If that you are happy to don't wait, however, receiving the new Windows is very straightforward:

 Sign up for the Windows Insider Program
Double confirm the system requirements
Click on the list of Download links – Windows 10 Technical Preview x86 (2.9GB), Windows 10 Technical Preview x64 (3.8GB) – to download the ISO (official page)
Take note with the Windows 10 Technical Preview product key you happen to be given
When the download is complete, transfer the ISO file to installation media for example a DVD or USB flash drive (the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool still works brilliantly)
Double-tap or double-click ‘setup.exe’ through the installation media, and after that follow the steps as prompted

Windows 10 Start Menu
Windows 10 marks the return from the start menu

General tips? Having been part of both the Windows 7 and Windows 8 betas I can say it really is fun finding the latest version of Windows months before all the others and watching the computer evolve while you use it – such a thing happens quickly. Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 betas were very stable, though that doesn’t mean Windows 10 may be the same.

An interesting potential benefit is Microsoft has previously given discounted upgrade prices to beta testers once the final version became available. That said it is no guarantee sufficient reason for Windows 10 predicted to be very cheap or perhaps free for many people upgraders this most likely are not the carrot it was formerly.

Windows 10 Virtual Desktops
Windows 10 finally brings virtual desktops like OS X and other flavours of Linux
Windows 10 Start Menu
Windows 10 marks the return of the start menu
Windows 10 Virtual Desktops
Windows 10 finally brings virtual desktops like OS X and various flavours of Linux

THREE DIMENSIONAL Name Free Desktop Wallpapers

THREE DIMENSIONAL Name Free Desktop Wallpapers

Exactly what are 3D Name Free Wallpapers? I used to be looking around for a new desktop picture for my huge Dell 30 inch screen last week and I stumbled across this amazing website 3dnamewallpapers dot apresentando they basically create high res images and 3d picture that you can enter your title into and it comes out within an awesome looking 3D textual content or logo! Some of the designs are better than the rest, however the names are all in real 3D and look amazing! I actually searched for names for our best friends and I was able to generate Desktop Wallpapers for all of these (well first names anyhow) they obviously must not generate the names on the fly because they are top quality and would probably quite extensive to make them on the fly.

To be able to download each 3d picture you need to like their Fb fan page in order to get the promo code that you can use in order to download the image, which you observe why they are doing it since it helps spread the word regarding the website, and seeing as Cellular wallpapers to download the a tiny price to pay for this kind of awesome wallpaper! They also have a couple of animations that they (the owner) of the site has made, they are cute and quirky as well as free to download, there is a little selection of videos on offer as well though its only a small handful of videos, and definitely not really the 30, 000 in addition names they have for the wall papers, but its a start!

General I love the 3D Brands website, and think they have got an unique and cool services for downloading your title in 3D! Ive down loaded Free Wallpapers for our mobile phone and for my desktop computer I also sent some to a friends and they were extremely impressed some asked myself how I did it because they appearance so good! They also have an iphone program too although you need to buy the wallpapers, but they are at the best cost possible (I suppose they need to make money somehow)

I am hoping they add new designs in the future (being a girl I would really prefer some more girly styles) yet I spoke to the manufacturer of the site and as I am aware they are concentrating on getting the listing of names increase first so they have as many names as you can covered before rolling out there any new styles! Yet take a look now at 3dnamewallpapersdotcom and download yourself a brand new free desktop wallpaper and Cellular Wallpapers!

Hilde Morgan is really an arts director for a little digital design agency located in the united states and spends plenty of her time searching the internet for new and exciting sites related to 3d wallpapers, Cellular Wallpapers. THREE DIMENSIONAL Name Free Desktop Wallpapers

Adult men Popular Hairstyles

Adult men Popular Hairstyles

This is normally an excellent selection currently being a shaved head is normally easy to keep way up. You don't have to be able to invest dollars or certainly expensive gels along together with sprays. When you have got an engaged and numerous life and then producing a shaved head may be quite a fantastic alternative. The concept allows a person to indulge in sporting activities as well as energetic actions whilst additionally becoming appropriate within most kinds of work. You are able in order to possess a buzz cut that will will leaves any little level of hair within the head; this may be less scary following that developing a entirely shaved head. A expert involving short hair may save you time inside of washing along with receiving yourself ready. The pointed cut as well as style is without a doubt actually popular. The brain of hair in typically the top regarding the brain is actually a tad longer and steadily might get reduced with regards to the spine and sides regarding typically the head. It lets a person style nice hair far a lot more many different situations.

The woman's hair is one particular type of the most versatile traits about very tiny; it can be the particular one that she may certainly adjust and give new meaning to in order to generate new looks with consider to their self as well as retain reinventing new appears with time. This as well is one sort of typically the handful of stuff the particular can adjust regarding your ex own physical aspect of which does not consider a lot of min's to perform simply because well as doesn't expense a lot cash. On top of that, the adjustments a person makes so that you can her scalp are certainly not everlasting, so even though the particular isn't keen on typically the completed look, haircuts can easily invariably grow out together with hairstyles can always end up being re-done. The short hair cut is often a extremely chic look that possesses been very fashionable among the teens and likewise elderly plus much a lot more mature women. A few of the well-known along with fashionable hair styles with regard to brief hair will probably end up being mentioned herein.

Considered one particular of the most well-known short haircuts amid teenagers along with small females is definitely the layered haircut. More and more more relating to the particular younger women and kids likewise are choosing typically the layered haircut over virtually any which is most straightforward to maintain. Furthermore, typically the layered haircut is a which might be quickly put in the very same opportinity for a formal celebration to find a casual function while not being unnatural -- typically the short layered haircut can easily become sometimes flipped to choose from or even switched inwards. Either effect features typically the exact same though guidebook they will are likewise chic along with cool and you will be modified to fit any kind of event. The layered hair manufactured inwards creates a a lot more superior look that should several of a lot more antique women would rather, even though the flipped out there hair do for the people using short tiers generates a trendy for the reason that well as cool check. haircut men

Another associated with typically the favored hairstyles put in by youthful women in addition to youngsters along with quick hair is definitely the bobbed new hair-do. This specific haircut may be donned along by using layers, bangs as very well as highlights to develop typically the soft yet feminine speak to as to the may certainly certainly be a extreme check. The bob may as well be cut irregular fit and healthy for you to set up any hairstyle that will be some unattractive but non-etheless female.

Spesifikasi dan Harga Hp Samsung galaxy S5

Spesifikasi dan Harga Hp Samsung galaxy S5

Harga Samsung Galaxy S5 – Bila membahas tentang samsung pasti tidak ada habisnya, yap. salah satu produsen atau vendor ternama dari korea ini memang sangat cepat sekali merilis smartphone terbaru dan terupdate nya terlebih mereka memang menargetkan smartphone ini memang dari segala strata sosial di masyarakat.
Dibawah ini kami berikan spesifikasi dari smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 :

Spesifikasi Dan Harga Samsung Galaxy S5

Spesifikasi Dan Harga Samsung Galaxy S51 Harga Samsung Galaxy S5, Dengan Spesifikasi Terbaik Di Tahun 2014
Spesifikasi Dan Harga Samsung Galaxy S5

Spesifikasi Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Dimensi 142 x 72.5 x 8.1 mm, Berat 145 g
  • Layar : 1080 x 1920 pixels, 5.1 inches (~432 ppi pixel density), Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors 
  • Memory Internal : 16 GB , Slot microSD, up to 128 GB
  • Ram : 2 GB RAM
  • Internet : LTE
  • Wifi : Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Konektivitas : Bluetooth v4.0, Infra Red, USB Yes, microUSB v3.0 (MHL 2), USB On-the-go, USB Host, NFC
  • OS : Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat)
  • CPU :  Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400
  • Sensor : Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, temperature, humid, heart rate
  • Kamera belakang : 16 MP, 5312 x 2988 pixels
  • Kamera depan : 2 MP,1080p@30fps, dual video call
  • GPS : with A-GPS support and GLONASS
  • Fitur : Wireless charging (market dependent), ANT+ support,  S-Voice natural language commands and dictation, Smart stay, Smart pause, Smart scroll, Air gestures, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, TouchWiz UI, Fingerprint sensor, IP67 certified – dust and water resistant
  • Baterai : Tipe Li-Ion 2800 mAh battery
    Samsung Galaxy S51 Harga Samsung Galaxy S5, Dengan Spesifikasi Terbaik Di Tahun 2014
    Harga Samsung Galaxy S5

Harga Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Harga Samsung Galaxy S5 Baru : Rp. 7.399.000, – (Harga Resmi)
  • Harga Samsung Galaxy S5 Bekas : -

Demikian kami berikan sedikit informasi dari spesifikasi dan Harga Samsung Galaxy S5 di Indonesia

Jasa Rental Mobil

Jasa Rental Mobil -  Kepengen liburan, pilih lokasi dimana yang akan jadi target utama berlibur, atau sekedar mengunjungi sanak saudara pasti ga luput dari transportasi dan sudah pasti bagi anda yang tidak ingin ribet dalam menggunakan alat transportasi seperti mobil saat ini sudah cukup banyak penyedia jasa sewa menyewakan mobil di beberapa daerah jadi ga usah ribet bawa kendaraan pas mau berangkat.

jasa rental mobil, rental mobil banjarmasin

Di jaman teknologi yang berkembang pesat ini segala sesuatu cukup dimudahkan dan memang sangat mudah kok untuk mendapatkan apa yang anda butuhkan seperti informasi untuk penyedia jasa transportasi seperti rental mobil, cukup gunakan internet dan telpon anda, internet untuk searching siapa sih penyedia jasa tersebut dan telpon untuk memudahkan anda menghubungi pihak penyedia jasa tersebut, tinggal telpon pesan dan anda sudah mendapatkan solusi dari sebuah pertanyaan anda.

rental mobil banjarmasin

Kalimantan merupakan daerah yang bisa dikatakan banyak sekali lokasi wisata yang dapat anda kunjungi bersama keluarga, dan bisa juga untuk membeli oleh-oleh berbagai macam barang khas kalimantan tentunya, disana tersedia berbagai macam pernak pernik yang dapat anda beli sebagai oleh-oleh ketika anda mengunjungi daerah kalimantan, objek wisata kalimantan juga sangat banyak dan sangat diminati jadi anda tidak perlu kebanyakan mikir untuk mencari penyedia jasa rental mobil tersebut.. 

Selamat berlibur..

Harga Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini termasuk salah satu smartphone yang di tujukan pada pasar kelas menengah, Galaxy S4 Mini ini memang sangat diperhatikan dalam segi desain jadi sangat cocok bagi anda yang ingin tampil trendy.
Bagi anda yang suka pada smartphone ini kami berikan referensi harga nya, Silahkan disimak :

Spesifikasi Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini i9190

  • Layar 4.3″ Super Amoled Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Resolusi 540 x 960 pixels, 16jt Warna
  • Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Dimensi: 124.6 x 61.3 x 8.9 mm / 107 gram
  • Kamera 8MP,  Autofokus, LED Flash
  • Perekam Video :1080p@30Fps
  • Kamera Depan: Ada1,9MP
  • Jaringan GPRS,EDGE
  • 3G, HSDPA, 42 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps
  • Memori Internal: 8GB
  • Memori Eksternal: Micro SD upto 64GB
  • OS Android 4.2 Jellybean
  • 1,5 GB RAM &  8GB ROM
  • WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Radio FM, Micro USB
  • CPU Dual-core 1.7 GHz Krait
  • GPU Adreno 305
  • Baterai 1900mAh
  • Talktime: 12Jam

Kelebihan Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

  • Layar Super Amoled yang menawarkan saturasi warna yang keren, pure black dan tingkat kontras yang tinggi dan sudah dilindungi oleh gorilla glass
  • Telah membawa sistem operasi android jellybean yang menawarkan performa yang smooth dan minim lag. Selain itu sudah tersedia ratusan ribu aplikasi dan games di playstore.
  • Jaringan 3G/ HSDPA yang menawarkan koneksi internet cepat saat browsing, streaming youtube maupun mendownload file dari internet
  • Kamera 8 Mega Pixel dengan kemampuan video full HD 1080@30 Fps yang sempurna untuk mengabadikan momen momen penting. Selain itu juga telah dilengkapi dengan kamera depan untuk video call

Kekurangan Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

  • Harganya relatif mahal bila melihat spek yang ditawarkan
  • Resolusi layar hanya sebatas qHD  ( direntan harga ini banyak yg menawarkan layar HD 720p )
  • CPU & GPU kurang bertenaga
  • Memori Internal cuma 8 GB saja

Harga Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini i9190

Juli – 2013--
Agustus – 2013--
September – 2013Rp 5.499.000-
Oktober 2013Rp 4.950.000-
November 2013Rp 4.750.000Rp 4.250.000
Desember 2013Rp 4.750.000Rp 4.250.000
Januari 2014Rp 4.750.000Rp 4.250.000
Februari 2014Rp 4.750.000Rp 4.250.000
Maret 2014Rp 4.675.000Rp 4.150.000
April 2014Rp 4.575.000Rp 4.000.000
Mei 2014Rp 4.550.000Rp 4.000.000
Juni 2014Rp 4.350.000Rp 3.800.000
Juli 2014Rp 4.350.000Rp 3.800.000
Sumber: Tabloid Pulsa

Harga Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini i9190 by Lazada.co.id
harga samsung galaxy s4 mini hitamharga samsung galaxy s4 mini putih
Rp 4.499.000
Rp 4.299.000
Rp 4.499.000
Rp 4.299.000
beli sekarangbeli sekarang
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